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This is the work-related homepage of Dr Joanna Goodger.
I am currently working at the University of Hertfordshire, working on Radio-Loud Active Galaxies and their interactions with their environments, in Radio and X-ray, with Dr Martin Hardcastle. I graduated from Queen Mary, University of London in 2005, with a First Class Masters Degree in Astrophysics (Hons) and during 2002/03, I worked at the Issac Newton Group of Telescopes in La Palma as a Student Research Assistant and Telescope Operator on the JKT and INT.

A full publication list is available through the ADS.

Cen A
Cen A in tri-colour X-ray taken with Chandra by the VLP (PI Kraft)
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Telescope Webpages
  • The Isacc Newton group of Telescopes (ING) is the home of the JKT, INT and WHT;
  • The Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) is a radio telescope in India; Data Archive,
  • The Very Large Array (VLA); Archive; With Pie Town Tutorial;
  • XMM Newton Xray Satellite; Reduction Tutorial
  • Chandra Xray Satellite
  • XEUS, the Xray Evolving Universe Spectrometer.
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Radio Xray Conferences
  • XEUS Meeting, IC, London, 02/04/07
  • NAM Homepage, Preston, UClan, 16/04/07
  • Extragalactic Jets Homepage, Girdwood, Alaska, 19/05/07
  • YERAC, Young European Radio Astronomers Conference 2007, Bordaeux, France, 04/09/07
  • ERIS, European Radio Interferometry School 2007, Bonn, Germany, 09/09/07
  • NAM Homepage, Belfast, QUB, 31/03/08
  • Radio Galaxies in the Chandra Era Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, 08/07/08