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This is mostly just a page of links (many now out of date) that I find useful as jumping-off points into the web. There is also some CV stuff. Contact details are at the bottom of the page.


I'm Professor of Astrophysics and Head of the Department of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics at the University of Hertfordshire. Prior to that I was the Director of the Centre for Astrophysics Research. Before moving to UH in 2004 I was a PDRA and Royal Society research fellow in the Astrophysics Group of the Physics Department in the University of Bristol. I did my first degree at Churchill College in the University of Cambridge and my PhD in the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory (now the Astrophysics Group), part of the Cambridge Physics Department. Subsequently I did some courses with the Open University, ending up with a BA and Diploma in Classical Studies, and for some years I was a (part-time) Associate Lecturer for them, teaching Astrophysics. In 2019 Cambridge awarded me the ScD degree. I've worked, among other things, as computer manager for Churchill College, as a research associate (funded by Cambridge Positioning Systems) and in various other capacities for Cambridge University and as an associate radio astronomy consultant for RPC Telecommunications. For a while I was acting Starlink manager for Bristol. I'm a member of the IAU and a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, the Higher Education Academy, the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and the Institute of Physics.

Work-related things:

I'm interested in the physics of jets in radio galaxies and quasars, in their emission and environments as observed in the X-ray, and in unified models for extragalactic radio sources. Supplementary interests include groups and clusters of galaxies, microquasars, catalogues and sky surveys and statistics. See my research group web page for more.

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My current work e-mail address is (sorry, not clickable or copyable to deter spammers). My phone number is available on the Centre for Astrophysics Research staff page.