3C353 Goodger et al. 2008
cen a
Cen A Goodger et al. 2010
3C31 Goodger et al. 2012 (XMM)
I'm an astrophysicist having gained a MSci from Queen Mary, University of London (2005) and a PhD from the University of Hertfordshire (2010). My research interests are based mainly on my PhD thesis entitled "Interactions between radio-loud active galaxies and their environments".

I am involved in many projects and my publication list is available from the NASA ADS. My focus is currently on the gas properties of groups of galaxies and how they are affected by radio source heating; however, I am the PI on the EVLA radio monitoring of the jet knots in Centaurus A and I have extensive experience with multifrequency radio and X-ray data, which I use to investigate the affect of the environments of radio sources.